Qualified tour guides must show their badge issued by the Sicilian Region Tourism Department after passing a specific examination.

To work as a tour guide without the specific qualification is forbidden by national and regional laws.

Choose a qualified guide:

  • It is a consumer’s right
  • It guaranties quality and professionalism
  • It is in line with current legislation

List of qualified guides for Sicily Region »

Free Tours alert!

Read the CEPLIS warnings (European Council of the Liberal Professions)

Our observer member the Federations and Associations of Qualified Tourist Guides across Europe (FEG) is seriously concerned since 2009 with the services offered by the so-called “Free Tours”. In most of Europe’s major cities, unqualified, untrained, uninsured and untaxed “guides” conduct tours for unsuspecting visitors, without any control whatsoever on the quality, veracity and accuracy of information.