AGT works towards a constant updating as an instrument to spread the value of cultural heritage of our territory, of its history, its folk and cooking traditions.

The professional updating of the AGT members consists not only in taking part to courses but also in doing visits guided by teachers, art historians, archeologists and all the people specialized in these sectors.

aggiornamento professionale

Guided tour of Saint Catherine of Alexandria’s Church and convent

Dott.ssa Nicole Oliveri

Saint Catherine of Alexandria’s Convent was founded in 1300 and it hosted young ladies destined for monastic life by their families in order to preserve family assets.
During the 1600 the conventual church was enriched with an exuberant decoration in polychrome marbles that gave birth to one of the baroque jewels in Palermo.
The convent, over time inaccessible to those who did not spent cloistered life in it, opened for the first time its doors to the public, giving the possibility to the secular world to have a glance to the room where, till a few years ago, life of Dominican nuns took place. AGT guided by researchers and experts on Dominican rules, has had the privilege of a preview visit to this precious jewel box.

Guided tour Palazzo Abatellis

Prof. Santo Giunta

Guided by architect Giunta from the University of Palermo, AGT members take part to a guided tour of the Regional Gallery that wants to give a new reading to the museum exhibition organized by Carlo Scarpa in the fifties.

logo siciliantica

“Jewish culture and art history” course

Coordinator Prof. Maria Annunziata Lima

A page of Palermo’s history, maybe not very well known, is the one concerning the Jewish presence in the pulsating heart of the historical center.
Around year 1000, we know of the presence of Harat Al-Yahud, the Jewish quarter, that developed around the synagogue, the Miqveh and the slaughterhouse.
When, in 1492, Sicily becomes part of the new kingdom of Spain, and the edict of expulsion of the Jews, signed by Ferdinando The Catholic and Isabella of Castile entered into force also in Sicily, the economy of the city of Palermo was seriously affected.

Seminar on “ The figure and the works of Renato Guttuso”

Architect Scaduto
Doctor Aiello
Doctor Favatella Lo Cascio
Professor Leto . Professor Spadaro

Agt takes part to a seminar for a in-depth study organized by Culturalab and by the city Council of Bagheria, on the figure and the works of Renato Guttuso, one of the major exponents of the Italian artistic panorama of the XX century, and on Villa Cattolica, where inside are exhibited many of the works that the same artist donated to his home town.

Cycle of meetings of in-depth study on the theme “Architecture , furnishing and collections of the house museum Palazzo Mirto”

Doctor Santo Cillaroto

Palazzo Mirto home of the noble family Lanza Filangeri was donated in 1983 to the Sicilian Region by the last of their heirs, Maria Concetta; in this way she followed the will of her brother, the Prince Stefano. The purpose of the donation was to transform a noble residence into a house museum that could give to the visitors the idea of the style of life that the Sicilian nobles, the “Leopards”, had in the past centuries , who lived surrounded by rare and precious objects.

Cycle of meetings of in-depth study on Palazzo Abatellis and its collections

Doctor Vincenzo Scuderi

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the restauration and of the museum exhibition by Carlo Scarpa, AGT took part to a cycle of meetings on Palazzo Abatellis and on its collections.

Guided tour of the Chinese Palace

Doctor Maria Maddalena De Luca

AGT takes part to the guided tour organized by one of the experts that took care of the restauration works of the Chinese casina after the works made by the Cultural Assets of the Sicilian region.
The building was one of the residences of the king of Bourbon in the period of their forced stay in Palermo, it was built by the architect Giuseppe Venanzio Marvuglia, that to pay a tribute to the fashion of the period, took inspiration from the architecture of the Far East.

Course on Palermo’s baroque churches

Coordinator Professor Cosimo Scordato

Polychrome marble decoration present in some of Palermo’s churches is one of the different aspects of the various artistic panorama of the city mainly unknown to most of the people, nevertheless it is of a great prestige and originality. Altars, chapels, some of the times entire walls in churches are totally covered by a decoration of marbles inlays formed by figures in the shape of plants, animals, human beings or figures coming out from the pure fantasy of the artist, decorations made with the aim of stimulating the eyes and captivate the mind of the observers.

Updating on new archaeological discoveries in the territory of Palermo and its province

Coordinator Doctor Stefano Vassallo

· New escavations in Himera – Termini Imerese

· Archaeological area and antiquarium in Solunto – Santa Flavia

· Villa Bonanno Archaeological area – Palermo

· Beccadelli Bologna Castle – Marineo

· The Phoenician-Punic and Hellenistic necropolis of Palermo New escavations in Himera – Termini Imerese

Logo donnafugata

Guided tour of Donnafugata wine cellars

Rallo family

Agt accepted the invitation of the Rallo family to visit the historical Donnafugata cellars in Marsala where they bottle the wine produced with the grapes coming from the vineyards of Contessa Entellina, in the deep heart of western Sicily

Guided tour of Maredolce Castle

Architect Raffaele Savarese

Guided tour of Maredolce Castle by the architect co-planner and co-director of the first restauration works made in the Ninties.
The building, created on the will of the Kalbita emir Gia’far around year 1000 and enlarged during the kingdom of the Norman king Roger II, was once surrounded by a “garden-paradise” of Koranic inspiration; later on the place lost its original function of place of pleasure. Since the end of the second world war the castle started to be surrounded by unauthorized shacks and it was occupied and apportioned by different families, besieged by cars parked under its walls. In the Nineties restauration works of the building started and the area nearby was rehabilitated. Works are still in progress and, among the other things, they have the purpose of obtaining a social-cultural redemption of the territory dominated for too long time by the presence of criminality.


Guided tour of the new Court House

Architect Sebastiano Monaco

Architect Sebastiano Monaco, author of the project for the building of the new Court House in Palermo, shows to AGT guides the buildings that he planned, explaining what where the principles that inspired him. The complex, located on the edge of the historical Capo market, was built at the beginning of the years 2000 in the respect of historical complex and it was conceived as part of the ancient quarter where it is located, anyhow without renouncing to the rules of contemporary architecture.

Seminary on “Giacomo Serpotta theologian ?”

Coordinator Professor Cosimo Scordato

One of the most original artists of the XVII century Even if he never left Sicily and his education took place in his own home land, Giacomo Serpotta was one panorama. His skill in the work of stucco was great, using a poor material, perfectly suitable to imitate the more expensive marble, the artist gave birth to a fanciful decoration.

Guided tour of Planeta wine cellars

Planeta family

Agt accepted with great pleasure the invitation of the Planeta winery . They showed to the members of the association the characteristics of their products and their wine cellars.
The association is perfectly aware of the cultural variety of its land, variety that does not exclude food and wine specialties here produced. Tastings of different varieties of D.O.C. wine is integrating part of the discovery of our island.

Seminary and guided tours of the collections of the archaeological museum of Palermo “A.Salinas”

Coordinator Doctor Giuseppina Battaglia

In view of an upcoming restauration of the archaeological museum of Palermo and of a new exhibition of its collections, AGT participated to a seminary whose main theme was based on “pre-history” and “the cruel art of war” in the collections of the museum “A.Salinas”.

Meeting on “Mandralisca museum in Cefalù”

Professor Amedeo Tullio

The Mandralisca museum was created thanks to the philanthropic interest of the Baron Enrico Piraino , who decided to donate its mansion, located in the heart of the small town of Cefalù, its art, malacological collections and its library for the education of the community and especially for the poorest social classes living in the town.
The “centerpiece” of this small but extraordinary home museum is the famous “Portrait of unknown” by Antonello da Messina, characterized by a penetrating gaze and by an enigmatic smile.

Updating course on “Tourism legislation and on cultural and natural scenery assets”

Doctor Saverio Panzica

Perfectly aware of the importance, for tour guides, of knowledge on the regulations in force in matter of tourism, AGT took part to a cycle of lessons on European, national and Sicilian regional laws.

corso sulla normativa turistica

Guided tour of the Botanical gardens of Palermo

Professor Francesco Maria Raimondo
University of Palermo

Aware of the variety of the plant species present in the historical gardens of the city, and more in general, in the urban landscape, AGT takes part to a guided tour of the Botanical gardens of Palermo, famous all over the world for its extraordinary collections of tropical and sub-tropical species that in the Mediterranean panorama are an incredible exception.

Guided tour in Monte Jato

Professor Hans Peter Isler
University of Zurich

Guided tour of the archaeological site of Monte Jato, located close to Palermo and seat of a settlement populated without interruption from the I millennium B.C. till 1246, when the Emperor Frederick II of Swabia decided to destroy it because the inhabitants had revolted against the imperial authority.

Seminary on “Minor arts”:
“Sicilian silver crafts and liturgical clothes”
“ Sacred furnishing and gilding techniques”
“Heraldry and historical mansions”

Professor Maurizio Vitella,
Professor Natalia Noce,
Professor Rosario Dandone,
Doctor Bernardo Tortorici of Raffadali

The so-called “minor arts”, those that today are more correctly known as “Applied Arts”, are an important aspect of the territory art history: from jewelry to sacred and profane use of furniture, from ceramics to liturgical vestments. The objects produced by the local tradition are an important heritage that professionals of this field must know.

Seminary on “Liberty and Modernism”

Professor Ettore Sessa
Faculty of Architecture- University of Palermo

One of the little known, but glorious pages of the history of Palermo is the so-called Belle Epoque: in between the end of the 1800 and the beginning of the 1900 kings of Palermo are the Florios that will receive the most powerful people of those days in their urban and suburban mansions. Mansions planned by one of the most important representatives of the Italian Liberty style: the great architect Ernesto Basile.

Course on “Myth on Greek Vascular Painting”

Professor Camillo Palmeri
Boarding school “Maria Adelaide”

Through the paintings present in the vascular collection and in the sculptures coming from the temples in Selinunte exhibited in the Archaeological Museum “A. Salinas” in Palermo, this seminary has offered to AGT members the occasion to have an overall framework on the complex and intricate events in Greek mythology.

Seminary on ”Theological lecture of sacred icons”

Professor Filippo Cucinotta
Pontifical Theological Faculty of Sicily

To be able to give an exhaustive reading of the Byzantine mosaics present in the churches of Palermo, Monreale and Cefalù AGT has attended a seminary to discover the theological principles of sacred images in the Christian East.