Palermo AGT is the first association of qualified tour guides created in our territory far back in 1993.
AGT guides have a deep knowledge of the cultural and landscape heritage of the city, its surroundings, history and of its folk and gastronomic traditions.
Enthusiasm for our profession brings us to integrate our own personal educational path and experiences to a continuous professional update that has transformed our association in an important point of reference for the operators in the tourism sector becoming quality guarantee for all of our clients, whether they are tour operator, privates, schools or travel agencies, Italians , English, French, Germans, Dutch ….
We are deeply linked to a territory that is extremely rich in beauties, unique wonders and heroes, but also of dramas and wounds, and of aspects still to be discovered; this is why from now and then we create new itineraries, launching them for free during special cultural or touristic events.
We are ready to guide you and we are authorized to do it!


AGT Palermo 1993 - 2017

«What unites us is the passion for our profession and the attachment to our territory»