AGT projects for Palermo

M'illumino di meno Palermo

On February 19th 2016, AGT joined the educational awareness campaign on energy consumption “M’illumino di meno” conceived by a Radio 2 program, Caterpillar and sponsored by the municipality of Palermo and by the University of Palermo on sustainable mobility.
Participants, on bikes, cycled through the center and as they passed, street lights turned off.
Four stops along the Arab Norman itinerary. Monuments explanation was made by AGT guides

iniziativa AGT m'illumino di meno
iniziativa AGT m'illumino di meno
iniziativa AGT m'illumino di meno

AGT cleans up Piazza Sett’ Angeli

Love for our city, the will to change things we do not like and that give a contribution to the bad name Palermo does not deserve, has always brought us to participate, for free, to different cultural events or to promote ourselves events to make up the city aspect. For example the garbage collection in Piazza Sett’angeli.

agt piazza sett'angeli
agt piazza sett'angeli
agt piazza sett'angeli
Piazza Sett'Angeli Palermo

Pedestrian areas

Agt has always been sensible to traffic problems in the historical centre of Palermo, years ago, in the attempt to make citizens and municipality of Palermo aware, we guided our groups with flags where was written :


Those in the pictures were the conditions we were obliged to show the beauties of our city, literally surrounded by cars, exhaust, noise…



AGT supports Jus Vitae

AGT in some occasions has supported the social projects of The  Association Jus Vitae, donating the free offerings that visitors left during the different editions of the International day of Tour guides.

JUS VITAE was founded in 1996 thanks to father Antonio Garau , to promote dialogs among people and to help social , economic, political and cultural development for every person, with special attention to young people and children who live severe conditions of difficulties.

JUS VITAE, also, carries on its own commitment in the fight against mafia in order to establish legality; every year they organize the International Prize Padre Pino Puglisi, dedicated to those areas at risk in Palermo, forgotten by civil society.