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Light Arabic Norman

Light Arabic Norman

A walk through the historical centre of Palermo that gives us the possibility to enjoy the peculiarity of the Arabic-Norman style and that includes the visit of the four Unesco Sites : Palatina Chapel , Saint John of Hermites , Cathedral and Saint Mary of the Admiral.

Meeting point:
Piazza Indipendenza , at the entrance of the Norman Palace.

4 hours

End of itinerary:
Church of Saint Mary of the Admiral, Piazza Bellini

Mean of transportation:
On foot

Cost of guided tour:
€ 150,00

Inside visits and extra costs for entrance fees:
Palatina Chapel : entrance fee € € 5,00 over 65 ; € 7,00 under 65 from tue to thur ; € 8.50 under 65 from fri to mon ; reduction 18-25 years ; free under 18 ; € 1,00 schools
Palermo’s Cathedral : free
Chapel and Royal tombs : inside the Cathedral optional entrance fee € 1.50; under 18 € 1.00.
Saint John of the Hermites : entrance fee € 6,00 ; free under 18.
Saint Mary of the Admiral : entrance fee € 1,00; free under 14;€ 0,50 elementary and middle school children
Radio guides rental : € 1.50 for groups formed by more than 20 people

Difficulty of itinerary:

On request

On request

Possible limitation to inside visits due to religious ceremonies or extraordinary events will be communicated directly by the guide.

With this offer, AGT only guarantees that the tourist guides that provide the service are qualified and qualified guides, regularly registered in the list of tourist guides of the Sicilian Region and declines any responsibility for services that do not comply with current legal requirements. The tour guide who carries out the tour is personally and directly responsible for the correct execution of the service as well as for the compliance with the regulations in force for the provision of the service also in terms of tax and insurance.


“All the buildings part of the ‘Arabic Norman site in Palermo and the cathedrals of Cefalù and Monreale’ represent a material example of coexistence , interaction and exchange among cultures of historical and geographical heterogenous origin .
This syncretism generated an architectural and artistic original style, considered of an exceptional universal value , a style that sees Byzantine , Islamic and Latin elements admirably fused and able each time to create rare combinations of an outstanding artistic value and example of full integration.
The Arabic-Norman syncretism had a great impact in the middle ages , and it significantly contributed to the creation of a Mediterranean koinè , that was the fundamental condition that brought to the development of the modern Mediterranean-European civilization”.
(Candidacy dossier for the application to the World Heritage List of the serial site Arabic–Norman Palermo and the cathedrals of Cefalù and Monreale, December 2014)

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