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Palermo Capital of Culture 2018*: people and migrations yesterday and today

Palermo Capital of Culture 2018*: people and migrations yesterday and today

Palermo, today as in the past, is a city that welcomes people and cultures from all over. Evidence is the medieval church of Saint Mary of the Admiral , example of a Byzantine church with inscriptions in Arabic ; the Giudecca , the medieval Jewish area in the city where the Synagogue was located, but also the historical Ballarò market , where the voices of Palermo’s vendors mix with those of the Asian and African people from Saint Chiara center where they get the necessary support to live in the city.

Meeting point:
Piazza Bellini, by the entrance of the Tourists info point

2 hours

End of Itinerary:
Piazza Santa Chiara

Mean of transportation:
Walking tour on foot

Cost of guided tour:
€ 130,00 up to 9 people

€ 150,00 from 10 people

Inside visits and extra costs for entrance fees:
Saint Mary of the Admiral : entrance fee € 1,00; free under 14;€ 0,50 elementary and middle school children
Saint Chiara : entrance fee € 3,00
Radio guides rental : € 1.50 for groups formed by more than 20 people

Difficulty of itinerary:

On request

On request

It is not possible to book this itinerary on Sundays afternoons and on holydays afternoons.
This itinerary needs to be booked at least 3 working days in advance to the date and time requested.
Possible limitation to inside visits due to religious ceremonies or extraordinary events will be communicated directly by the guide.


With this offer, AGT only guarantees that the tourist guides that provide the service are qualified and qualified guides, regularly registered in the list of tourist guides of the Sicilian Region and declines any responsibility for services that do not comply with current legal requirements. The tour guide who carries out the tour is personally and directly responsible for the correct execution of the service as well as for the compliance with the regulations in force for the provision of the service also in terms of tax and insurance.


“The cultural richness of the city of Palermo is the product of centuries of dominations ,that through the centuries have conquered the island, and of the skill of its inhabitants receptive in the welcoming of different cultures and at the same time metabolic subjects able to produce a new culture thanks to processes of original revision of the knowledge acquired .
It’s the cultural syncretism that characterizes the history of the city in a process that through the centuries has produced cultural stratifications evident both in the monuments , in the artistic heritage and intangible Heritage. A multiethnic society for its own history and complex and a multiple identity thanks to the relations that today and yesterday citizens maintained with foreigners ,whether he was the new king , the artist or the craftsman coming from a different world . A brief and concise description of the historical events of the city , since its foundation till Italy’s unification, is necessary to better comprehend today’s Palermo”.

*Candidacy dossier for the application to Italian Capital of Culture 2018

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