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Historical markets and Street Food

Historical markets and Street Food

Listening to the voices of food vendors we go through the Arabic market of Ballarò to reach the heart of the Giudecca , the old Jewish quarter , where metals are still worked , to finally reach what was once the meat market , Vucciria , depicted by Renato Guttuso in a famous painting . Along the way it is possible to taste the typical street food products , that make Palermo famous worldwide , it is 5th in the world ranking.

Meeting point:
To be decided

2 hours

End of itinerary:
To be decided

Mean of transportation:
Walking tour on foot

Cost of guided tour:
€ 130,00 up to 9 people

€ 150,00 from 10 people

Extra costs:
About € 10,00 for tastings

Difficulty of itinerary:

On request

On request

It is not possible to book this itinerary on Sundays afternoons and on holydays afternoons.


With this offer, AGT only guarantees that the tourist guides that provide the service are qualified and qualified guides, regularly registered in the list of tourist guides of the Sicilian Region and declines any responsibility for services that do not comply with current legal requirements. The tour guide who carries out the tour is personally and directly responsible for the correct execution of the service as well as for the compliance with the regulations in force for the provision of the service also in terms of tax and insurance.

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