Urban Trekking

“It’s a new way of conceiving tourism, less structured and far from the best known circuits. A sustainable and “vagabonding” tourism, freer and richer in surprises that puts in evidence hidden and less known corners in Italian cities of art. The urban trekker, through itineraries conceived by experts, has the possibility to live a unique travel experience, having the possibility to connect art and nature and also making sports. Not only it is an activity good for body and mind, the urban trekking, is also good for cities since they are given the possibility to be relieved by traditional tourist flows enlarging visits to suburban areas and extending the stay.”


Projected by Siena Municipality (leader)

2013 – International day of Urban trekking 2013

Women of Palermo

In Palermo in occasion of the National day of Urban Trekking we will organize 6 tours for every single day through the city to discover stories of women from Palermo.
The itineraries will lead us to Piazza Bellini, where we visit Palazzo delle Aquile, the church Saint Catherine from Alessandria and the Martorana church. Then we reach Piazza Rivoluzione, Palazzo Abatellis and the prisons in Palazzo Steri. It is an itinerary developed through the histories of different women from Palermo: Saint Rosalia and Saint Catherine, the revolutionary Turrisi Colonna and Luisa Sanfelice, Giulia Trigona and Eleanor of Aragon, the singers Rosa Balistreri and Ester Mazzoleni.

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2009 - International day of Urban trekking

Tour of Flavors

A wide variety of dishes that mix ingredients and tastes, showing the essence of the island as a bridge in between Africa and Europe.

Ingredients are offered by a generous land and by the sea that surrounds it, but when in the past the harvest was poor and people starved , people fantasy helped to make up the lack of food.

This is how the traditional recipes such as “sardines a beccafico” and “pasta and sardines…in the sea” were created!

trekking urbano tour del gusto
trekking urbano tour del gusto

2008 International day of Urban trekking

The mistery of the Beati Paoli

trekking urbano beati paoli
trekking urbano
trekking urbano beati paoli
trekking urbano beati paoli
trekking urbano beati paoli

In occasion of the event “ Urban Trekking 2008” promoted by Siena municipality , AGT guides have developed an itinerary on the mistery of the Beati Paoli, a secret sect that operated in Palermo in the past and that has stimulated the fantasy of writers and citizens.

According to a reliable historical reconstruction , the matter is connected to a brutal massacre that took place in the church of the Annunziata , destroyed by the bombs during the Second World War.

Not to be recognized , the members of this sect used to wear a hook like those used by Penitents during the processions.

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